My approach was the "Penrose Triangle" with glitch effect, recreating the "psychedelic effect".

Using the Glitch app and mixing it with Liverpool City photography I applied my Penrose 3D icon using Photoshop and tried to create an “unrealistic possible” scenario where I place my icon on the radio tower and river of Liverpool.
The t-shirt designs have the original logo on the back, with the details from a test poster that is still relevant to the guidelines and works as the “glitch” effect maitaining it simple. 

I wanted to have the main print on the back because I believe that if the design is on the back, it will take much more time for you to get tired of it because you don’t see it as much as the front design. The “A Psychedelic Extravaganza” also because it works as the slogan for the event, “Glitch your mind.” was also an option but comes out very cheesy so I think this one works a lot better and fits the festival perfectly.

But wait, there's more!

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