Liverpool Borough Of Culture logo design submission.

After doing a lot of research trying to find a concept that would not only fit the brief but also made sense with what is being asked, I started to look at some abstract shapes and that was when I had the idea to use Liverpool map and outline a shape around it creating an "abstract" shape that has a double meaning at the same time. After that I started to build a geometric shape composed by smaller triangles and squares mainly. I used 5 different colours that each one represent one element: Children and Young People; Positive outcomes; Communities; Distinctiveness of place; Infrastructure and Legacy. Being the main theme of the logo, how each every little piece of these key elements form Liverpool together creating an "C" of Culture right on centre of the shape. Typography is very minimal and very similar to Liverpool City Region Borough’s identity which was asked on the brief description.

It's a very minimal logo but with meanings behind it, which is what Art is all about, perception and interpretation. 

Connected Creativity.

But wait, there's more!

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