My name is Flávio, I was born in Porto, Portugal on a small city named Maia where I lived my first 18 years of life. Always surrounded by friends and family, from a very young age I started to realise that needed to find a different way to express myself since I was never great with words (as you can probably tell by now) but art was never my cup of tea because I was a terrible student at arts, couldn’t draw to save my life.
Football was always my way out to free my mind, and, funny enough, I gave up on Football at 16 years old to pursue Freestyle Football,  which is considered the artistic part of the main sport. I was actually really good at it and on that moment I started to use my creativity to express myself while I was still a Sports student. A new lens was being worn and art was now a part of my life and it was something new to me, I like to pin point that moment as the start of everything that lead to this exact moment. I started to look at more graphic products and I realised that I could bring that joy from Freestyle to my daily life, I had an extremely old computer with no kind of fancy software whatsoever, but I wanted to do this so much that wasn’t even close to stop me. I started making YouTube thumbnails using Paint and PowerPoint. Yes, you read that well. I’m Portuguese, I’m desenrascado. On that moment I came to conclusion that I was wasting my time trying to study something that didn’t made me happy not even a little bit, I still finished Sports but then...
Moved to the UK. This is where everything ended but it also started. I enroled on a Creative Media Course (still regret not going straight to Graphic Design) and this was the moment I started to see things taking shape. I was now into the Arts world and my perspective couldn’t be any more positive, I learned so much new skills but I still felt like it was not THAT area, close, but not there yet. While doing work experience I was reading the college prospectus and found about this exact course that I’m finishing. It’s far from being the most exciting story but I don’t believe in coincidences, I was guided to Graphic Design without even looking for it.
After a decade I finally found a place where I fit in and feel genuinely happy about it. Far from home but happiness is worth risking all for it.